simple course platform for notion

Create a course with Notion.

Turn your docs in Notion into a fully operational online course in minutes.
All the power of a traditional course platform, built in the same place you take notes.

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Go from Notion page to course in minutes.

Float lets you get paid for your content in Notion.


Write all your content quickly with Notion

Notion makes it easy to create virtually any type of course with their clean editing UI. Add images, audio, video, and databases all in one platform.


Share your private Notion page with Float

Float connects to your Notion page securely while also preventing others from accessing your content. It will then transform your Notion page into an interactive course.


Publish your course and get paid

Float partners with Stripe Connect to easily accept payments and have them deposited right into your bank account.


Launch beautiful courses with the snap of a finger.

More time saved. Less money spent.

Built on top of Notion

Why leave the platform you love to do something else? Isn't the point of Notion that it can be used for pretty much anything?

Now you can create your course in the same place you organized all your notes for the course.


Customizable design

Don't want your course to actually look like Notion? We can help.

Automatic formatting of notes-to-course is a no-brainer, so we're building it.

Templates will be released consistently as well.


Most course platforms are expensive.

So what about all us creators who want to offer free courses?

And what about creators that are just starting out?

Float makes it way cheaper. More creators should be in a position to create.

Simple Pricing

Join the family and get Float

10-day free trial. Then it’s your choice of monthly or annual payments. Cancel or change at any time.



The Creator Plan includes:

  • Create free or paid courses using Notion

  • No transaction fees

  • Automatic syncing between Notion & Float

  • Customizable formatting and design



The Expert plan includes everything in Creator plus:

  • White-labeled courses

  • Custom domains

  • Priority support

  • Access to beta features

Try Float for 10 days, on the house.

Your online course content is top-notch, and we want you to know for sure that it’ll shine with Float. Sign up for your account right here and take it for a test drive for the next 10 days!

Join Blake, Zack, and ... others on the waitlist.