simple course platform for notion

Create a course with Notion.

Turn your docs in Notion into a fully operational online course in minutes.
All the power of a traditional course platform, built in the same place you take notes.

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Float + Notion = your dream course platform

Creating courses has never been easier

You only need to focus on creating your content in Notion. We'll handle the rest.

Interactive course platform

Float adds payments, progress tracking, feedback, and hosting to your Notion docs.

Syncs with Notion

Don't worry about redeploying your course. Your course stays synced 1-to-1 with your Notion docs.

Super fast

Your course will load lightning fast and comes optimized for SEO out of the box.

Manage everything in one place

Use our Notion dashboard template to run your entire course business all from one single Notion page. Just connect the Float integration and you're ready to go.

All your payments in one place

Manage all of your payment data in a Notion database.

Improve your courses with feedback

Hear what your users are saying and adjust your content accordingly to continously improve your courses.

Instant Updates

Watch your Notion dashboard update as payments and feedback come in real-time.

Simple Pricing

Join the family and get Float

It's free to try it out. Then it’s your choice of monthly or annual payments. Cancel or change at any time.



The Creator Plan includes:

  • Create free or paid courses using Notion

  • No transaction fees

  • Automatic syncing between Notion & Float

  • Unlimited feedback and payments

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Join Blake, Zack, and ... others on the waitlist.